Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brothers at Play

I'm starting to get glimpses of our days to come. Now that Cason is sitting up and interested in toys, the boys interact more and more every day. Some days my favorite entertainment is to just sit and observe them, their special relationship and their little budding personalities. 

I know this next photo is out of focus because it's Cannon's "determined" face that I can NEVER catch on camera. It's the "Stiller jaw" at it's finest. ;-)

I think Cannon's just as ready for Cason to crawl as the rest of us. I think he's trying to press instructions for crawling right into Cason's brain. 

"Follow me Baby Brother. Do it just like this!"

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This is Cannon playing the air guitar on his broom.

Cannon's newest "thing" is to line up his toys all in a row. I love his little hands here. I just can't help but think they won't be so little for very long.

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