Thursday, August 02, 2012

Drinka Mama's Water?

This little stinker LOVES to sneak sips of water from my water bottle . . . even though he has the EXACT SAME WATER BOTTLE . . . just slightly smaller. 

Here he is getting busted . . . oh what? This purple bottle in my hand? I was just getting it for you Mommy!

How'd we go from this to this so very fast?

While we're at it I need to catch up on blogging all of Danny's amazing DIY projects he's completed. He built the Learning Tower you see Cannon climbing on in the photos, and it's AWESOME. The height can be adjusted (the platform can lower) as Cannon grows taller. He stands in it every day to watch me bake, help me stir, or eat a snack while I work in the kitchen. It keeps him from falling off of high stools and enables him to be included in what's going on.

Danny followed the instructions on Ana White's website. He made ours collapsible, which I love because I can fold in down and tuck it behind a bookshelf if we need the floor space. I must say though that he spend closer to $50 or $60 to build ours (she says it only costs about $20) because he felt like higher quality wood would make a sturdier tower. 

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