Saturday, August 04, 2012

SWO Reunion

Back when Danny was in high school there were four friends (well, more, but we'll just worry about the four for right now).  They formed a crazy little group and called it SWO. You'll have to ask them what it stands for. I'm not sure, but it might just be classified information, and I'll be darned if I get kicked out for sharing secrets.

After college those four friends, fell in love, and got married to SWOciates. Here we are looking young and normal and sane . . . all childless.

And then came the Baby SWOs. One after the other. And the little group of four is now a group of 17.  It's mild chaos at its best. 

I must say though, everyone in this group had two boys first, and then, drumroll please, two in the group had (are having) a girl for their third child. My hopes are high for a girl for any future Stiller Baby!

Here are the children. Doesn't nine children under the age of four sound like a fun evening to you?

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We tried to get a few of the parents into the picture. Here we are looking fairly normal: 

But let's be realistic - this is more of what we look like normally. Don't ask me what Danny is doing . . . I don't know . . . I have no explanations for his antics. ;-) I mean, even Cannon looks confused. Let the embarrassing parents awards be passed out now. 

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