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Cannon at 26 Months

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**After 52 weeks of taking weekly pictures and 26 months of taking monthly pictures this was the first month I was ready to throw in the towel. I could not get this kiddo to sit for a minute, so this is what you get!**

30+ lbs and 35+ inches

Most all of his 24 month shirts have been put away as they are too short, so he's primarily in 2T now. His 2T pjs are starting to get too tight, so I need to get to the store and find some 3T sleepwear.

Sleeps 10-11 hours at night and 2-3 hours at his nap. 

He's still an early riser. He either wakes up because he has a super wet diaper (we have in him disposables at night, but they can still leak) or because he hears Cason crying. I'm getting to the point where I've just resigned myself to having to get up by 6 am. 

Still a good eater, although he definitely prefers cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, and milk over anything else.

Cannon is officially calling me "mommy" instead of "mama." My little boy is growing up. Occasionally I'll catch myself telling him "Say okay Mom" and I'll correct it to "mommy." No need to RUSH into the next phase too soon!

His sentences are exploding. It's like he woke up one morning and decided to talk in complete sentences. He'll say things like "Cannon eat Cheerios out of the cup." Granted, it's not quite that articulate, but we know what he's saying.

So the day after Cannon was hitting and stealing toys (see below) - he started calling the baby "Cason Honey" and being very tender and considerate of him. I mean, how sweet is that?

18 teeth - all but two of his two-year molars.

One of Cannon's favorite books this month was "Same Same but Different." He will ask for this book every day. He points out things the boys are doing, we go through the entire alphabet, and we pose like the little boy doing yoga. We're going to have to add to this to our collection.

The boys had their first ride in the new-to-us bike trailer Danny found on Craigslist, and other than squishing his little brother, Cannon seemed to enjoy the ride behind our bicycles.

We took the boys to their first Rough Riders Baseball Game (Cannon's first in-person baseball game) and we hadn't been out on the grassy knoll more than five minutes before the center fielder threw us a game ball (a pop fly he had caught). Cannon LOVES that ball, and it has become another lovey that he takes to bed. 

Cannon's leaking through his diaper almost every night, so we've decided to cut off all water after dinner. He can have a SIP if he's really, really thirsty, but this is saving us from washing sheets every day!

We went through a period towards the end of the month where Cannon was hitting Cason with toys, taking every single toy out of Cason's hands, pushing Cason over, pressing on his head, shoving toys in his lap and being rough with Cason in general. It was exhausting. Cannon seems to go through periods of loving his brother and then through periods of being jealous. I really can't tell if Cannon is rough with Cason because he doesn't like him or he's just a rough and tumble boy.

Great this month!

Cannon asked to go potty and went! It only happened once but I'll take it. We're still waiting until he expresses more interest before attempting more intense potty training.

We started putting the boys in the same room at night. Cannon has stayed in bed ok if we get up with early with Cason, but did get up some mornings. It worked out okay for a week or so until Cason got what I thought was an ear infection but was really his one-year molars and was waking multiple times at night.

Cannon can count up to six items in a row. When he's just counting to himself he can count to 12, then he skips to 17. After 17 numbers start getting all mixed up. He also started singing his ABCs all by himself this month. It's adorable, and while he omits K and U (he sings double-x), it's fun to see him learning.

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