Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cannon's Bedtime Routine

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I've already blogged Cason's Bedtime Routine, and while Cannon's is quite similar, I still wanted to document it's "preciousness." Most days I'm so ready to collapse that I want to hurry through bedtime and bath time, but I'm desperately trying to remember that "these are the days" and that one day I'll miss them so. 

Cannon LOVES yelling "Where's Cannon's hand?" while getting dressed and then exclaiming "HERE IT IS!" when it pops through the arm hole.

Billy and Blaze books are the current rage in our home right now.

I also need to document this: when Cannon gets sleepy he ever so lightly rubs Blue Bunny's ear on his nose. It's my first signal that we've crossed the threshold into sleepy time. 

And so the night comes to a close with a snuggle, a song, a kiss, and maybe, just maybe one last little wrestle.

Godspeed little man. Sweet dreams my Cannon boy.

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