Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh Blue Bunny

Sometimes I wonder if I have only two children, or if they have multiplied and there are actually three. Every time I turn around Blue Bunny is right there, joining us on our daily adventures. Cannon takes great care of him, as you'll see. Most of these photos were taken when I walked into a room to find Cannon tending to Blue Bunny. Nothing was set up. Nothing was staged. 

Blue Bunny gets baths . . .

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. . . complete with a little shower rinse off.

Blue Bunny gets his diaper changed FREQUENTLY. . .

. . . and based on the number of wipes Cannon tries use, Blue Bunny must have horribly dirty diapers.

Blue Bunny plays everything with us, but he's particularly fond of airplane rides on Cannon's feet.

And, there's even more diaper changes . . . this time on a mat.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Occasionally, Baby Brother gets his hands on Blue Bunny and then Blue Bunny had better watch out . . .

. . . because more often than not Blue Bunny's going to get the boot! 

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