Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Family This Month (September 2012)

This was another no picture month. I really want to get a photo in October because it seems like the boys change so much in 30 days.

I started meeting with a friend every other week this month for Bible study/fellowship. She comes over during the boys nap and we enjoy a quiet moment (usually, there has been the few days when Cason's on a rogue schedule and crawls around while we chat).

I did several lifestyle shoots this month and absolutely LOVED them. I would love to take my photography business more in this direction simply because I value remembering the every day, how life was in this moment. I also photographed my first birth this month which was thrilling and crazy all at the same time. Being on call was mildly stressful with two little kids, but the moment really was worth it all. The mom had the quickest (2 hours) labor ever, so it wasn't too realistic of what normal birth photography is like, but it was a nice introduction. She labored and delivered in the same room, with the same midwife, at the same birth center where Cason was born, so I was having some crazy flashbacks as she worked to bring her son into the world.

We have visited Bent Tree Bible Church in Plano a few Sundays this month. We LOVE The Village Church, but with two little kiddos getting out the door and driving so far (either to the Dallas Campus on Sunday morning or the Flower Mound Campus on Saturday night) has just been a daunting task. We found ourselves skipping church more than not and so we decided it might be time to find a closer option (so, so, so sad, but necessary).

Running is picking up on the weekends. We'll be increasing our mileage almost every two weeks from here on out. Dallas Half Marathon here we come. I must brag on my friend, Ryley, and I for running 5 miles in hills (we ran a 1/4 mile hill 10 times up and 10 times down) WITH strollers. There's something satisfying in pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion and then feeling stronger afterwards. I'm excited to run with Ryley, Susan and Danny in December, although I'm sure Danny will leave us in the dust to set a new personal best for himself.

That's about all that's going on in our home this last month. We're ushering in fall with more time outdoors, windows open and candles burning. We're looking towards the coming holidays and talking about ways to enjoy those together as a little family with our traditions. It's exciting.

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