Friday, October 19, 2012

Cason - Week 41

Weight: 20-21 lbs
Height: 28+"

(same as last week)
12 & 18 months

(same as last week)
Disposable: Size 3

(same as last week)
Naps: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm
Night Time: 7:00 pm - 7:30 am (with one wake up to nurse around 6:00 am)

(same as last week)
Sleeping 11-12 hours at night, waking once during the early morning to nurse.

Naps twice a day.

Cason had cheese, strawberries, blackberries, edamame and yogurt for the first time, and as with all new foods I've given him, he's loved them! Apparently I was gung-ho and adventurous with the new foods this week!

In a pinch, he also had a roll at Napoli's. We went on a family bike ride with an impromptu dinner at Napoli's Pizza. Since I hadn't packed anything for Cason and he was starving, we fed him little bits of roll to tide him over. Again, he gobbled it down.

Still just babbling, screeching, and laughing.

Eight Teeth - four top, four bottom.

The boy LOVES food. He will sit and eat with his little fingers for 30-45 minutes, which is wonderful since it gives me a moment to sit and eat as well!

Apparently the child's body dislikes amoxicillin.

Cason fever worked it's way down over the weekend, but by Tuesday he'd been so fussy, not sleeping well and pulling at his ears that we started him on amoxicillin. 

I think I've failed to mention also (because it's been there for so long), but Cason had small patches of mild eczema on his arms and back. 

Cason started breaking out in random/changing hives/red raised areas/bug bites this week. At first I thought it was a reaction to the yogurt, but when it didn't go away I finally attributed it to the antibiotic. I called the on-call nurse over the weekend, but since the rash didn't seem to bother him at all, she said it sounded like a one-time reaction to amoxicillin that some kids get. 

Guess who's hair is starting to get wavy/curly in the back. That's how it started with Cannon, so we'll see if we have two curly head boys in the next few months!

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