Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cason is . . . SO BIG!

Cason is at the fun stage where you can teach him little tricks. He's mimicking signs, will clap on command and will now show you HOW BIG he is! It's adorable.

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And then when he's all worn out from being SO BIG, he takes a rest with his hands behind his head. Danny will often do this after a meal while we're finishing up and talking, and more often than not we'll look over to see Cannon relaxing like his Daddy too. Well, the little Stiller man could not be left out. Now I just need a picture of all three of them doing this at once!

Cannon wants to remind you that he hasn't forgotten how to do "SO BIG!"

Little toes. Sometimes I hold these little feet and try to remember just how small and precious they are. 

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