Friday, November 30, 2012

Cason - Week 47

(same as last week)
Weight: over 20 lbs for sure!
Height: 28+"

(same as last week)
12 & 18 months

(same as last week)
Disposable: Size 5

(same as last week)
Naps: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm
Night Time: 7:00 pm - 7:30 am (with one wake up to nurse around 6:00 am)

Sleep is still going okay. I'm resigning myself to the fact that he is just not going to sleep 12-13 hours at night like Cannon did. Although, I did realize that he takes his morning nap in the crib (in the boys room), his afternoon nap in the pack & play (in the master bedroom) and sleeps at night in the pack & play (in the office), so the little guy is pretty flexible.

I know I said I was done recording Cason's new foods, but I just wanted to record that he had tuna for the first time and LOVED it. Granted, it was mixed up in mac & cheese, but still his appetite makes me worried for the teenage years!

I should also make note that Cason is currently eating MORE than Cannon (and Cannon doesn't get milk through nursing three times a day in addition to his meals!). I will often put leftover food from Cannon's plate onto Cason's tray and watch it disappear. 

I feel like Cason is starting to try to "repeat" what we're saying. He always says dada, mama, nana and baba, but I could have sworn that when I asked him if he was "all done" and said "A DA!" Danny has made the same comment too, that is sounds like he knows what he's saying.

(same as last week)
Eight Teeth - four top, four bottom.

Cason's like and dislikes this week revolve around food as he's starting to have preferences on what's put on his plate. He likes fruit, chicken, peas and green beans ALWAYS!

He also LOVES all things small and fidgety. He LOVES Cannon's activity board, the latch on Cannon's bed rail, the zipper on my jacket, the button on my jeans, he's intrigued by them all!

He's not so fond of all other proteins and veggies, although he will eat carrots occasionally.

Cason also does not like the slide at the park unless I hold him and go slow (or go down with him in my lap).

Well, that fever he had last week has turned into a sad little hoarse throat and running nose. And Cason was so generous that he shared the crud with Cannon so we're going through lots of tissues over here.

Cason has his first eye appointment with Dr. Patrick through the Infant See program**. His eyes look great with the normal amount of near-sightedness for an infant his age. 

**If you are a parent with a child under 12 months and aren't familiar with the Infant See Program, you should check it out. It's a FREE eye exam for any child before their first birthday. There are some eye issues/diseases that can be detected very early, but often children's eyes are not tested until they get to Kindergarten.

This child can scale any steps/stairs at the park and tries desperately to keep up with Cannon. It's a little freaky watching him go up and down without a worry in his brain.

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