Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Family This Month (November 2012)

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This month we had some maintenance expenses on our house. At the end of last winter our heater got to the point where it wouldn't shut off on it's own; we'd have to flip the breaker.  I wouldn't realize the heater was on until we were all sweating and the house was 78 degrees, so we finally broke down and got our heater fixed. We also finally got rid of the horrible, unreliable AT&T internet and are now enjoying Verizon FIOS. Danny bought the double package that included TV and so for the first time in our marriage we have more than five channels. I get overwhelmed just flipping through the menu.

At Cigna, Danny planned, organized and executed a fabulous 5k walk/run and training program with the Leadership Development Program. While he enjoyed the challenge of the program, he was glad to be done with the special projects for a little while.

Danny and I (as well as my brother and his brother) all celebrated birthdays this month. We're both officially in our 30s now. Danny's already saying that 40 is just around the corner, and I just can't believe we're this old. Where has the time gone?

We enjoyed a four-week parenting class at Bent Tree Bible Church based on the book "Give Them Grace." It was a great class, and I would highly recommend the book to any parent.

I "attended" a homeschool teleconference by one of my new favorite bloggers, Renee, who blogs over at FIMBY. We're not officially on the homeschool bandwagon, but are exploring education options for our boys. 

Sickness, sickness, and sickness again this month! (I) Laura had sinus infection and pink eye and the boys both had fevers, runny noses, congestion. Cason even worked up an ear infection. I'm very ready for our family to be WELL again!

Our family made it out to the Plano Christmas Tree lighting and a few play dates, but really we laid low and tried to rest up this month.

We ended the month by hosting Thanksgiving, Danny roasting a turkey, making bone broth for the first time, and preparing for Advent with the boys. 

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