Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever. Matt & Mandy were at her parents' house, the boys were napping by the time we sat down to eat, so it was a small holiday affair.

We followed up our full tummies with books and football.

Apparently Cannon got first dibs on Nana's lap, so Cason was left to read the newspaper to himself.

Uncle Joey to the rescue - his lap is big enough for both nephews!

For those interested, Danny smoked our Thanksgiving turkey this year in his DIY smoker. It was astounding. And then I got to make bone broth from the leftovers . . . double bonus!

He started with an amazing brine:

Then he created a insanely good rub:

And what resulted was a perfect Thanksgiving Day bird.

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