Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little Post Holiday Relaxation

Our days post-Christmas were quiet ones, playing with new toys, enjoying the cold weather (finally) and just taking it slow. While big brother entertained himself on the iPad, little brother gleefully enjoyed being the center of attention.

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Cason's eyes are a beautiful blend of brown/green/gray. I keep waiting fro them to turn dark brown like Cannon's, but they are staying light.

If any of you have teething children, you should get this vibrating star teething. I picked it up on a Christmas run to Buy Buy Baby and it's most certainly one of Cason's favorite things. He doesn't even need hands to use it!

Again, this child perpetually has something in his mouth. He's continually teething and yet, somehow, never cutting teeth. It's brutal on him and me! Although sometimes I think he just uses his mouth as a third hand when it's convenient.

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