Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Baby

Visiting Santa is a "first Christmas" rite of passage in our household. Cannon was only five months old when we took him to see St. Nick and barely fitting into his size 6 month sweater and jeans. He wasn't thrilled but he wasn't terrified either.

Cannon and the NorthPark Santa on Dec. 14, 2010
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This year, Danny used a vacation day we made an afternoon of visiting Santa, walking the mall, eating in the food court and driving through the lights in Highland Park. 

We talked about visiting Santa all day with Cannon. He was excited to show Santa his big jingle bell just like in the book "The Polar Express." Cason was oblivious to the anticipated trip the the mall. 

We got in line (if you've ever visited the NorthPark Mall Santa you know it's quite the production: go early in the morning to pull a number, show up later that day prepared to wait at least 30 minutes, etc.) and all was well. Cason was mesmerized by the lights, people and buzz of the mall. Cannon was excited to see "Santa's house!" 

However, all that changed the minute we turned the corner and spotted "the bearded man." Cannon wouldn't go within 25 feet of that chair and Cason clung on for dear life to my shirt. Santa did his best to talk with Cannon but he would have none of it. So, we didn't force the issue. He got to watch from the sidelines, and from what he saw next he'll probably never again sit on Santa's lap. 

Once it was decided that Cannon didn't want to sit on Santa's knee, all attention was turned to Cason, who, being little, didn't have as much choice in the matters at hand. I handed over a tearful 11-month-old and Santa did what he did best. He smiled into that camera and ignored the screaming child on his lap.

And that is how we got the classic "crying child on Santa's lap photo" for Cason's baby book.

Cason and the NorthPark Santa on Dec. 13, 2012
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**We didn't try to go on December 13 both years, but after the fact I noticed that the dates were the same. And now, because we've done it twice, Danny says it's a "tradition!" 

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