Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Santa's Village

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I took the boys to Santa's Village in Richardson during a weekday, so it was "closed" and wonderfully deserted! Cannon was disappointed that none of the doors opened to the little houses, but he still enjoyed exploring the decorations. And Cason, well, Cason was up for anything!

Cannon currently LOVES the book "The Polar Express." We have this large jingle bell that he carries with him everywhere exclaiming "ALL ABOARD" and "The first gift of Christmas!" to anyone that comes within earshot. 

I do not dress my children to color coordinate with the stroller (or with each other either), no matter what it may look like.

I finally convinced Cannon to drive the sleigh after ten minutes of him asking "Where are all the reindeer Mommy? There are no reindeer. Where did they all go?" I mean really, what kind of sleigh has no reindeer?!

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