Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Signs with the Second Child

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The photo above isn't really a sign, it's just Cason blowing a kiss, but how cute is that? 

I have been slower to teach Cason signs than I was the first time around. Funny how in the middle of trying to feed to children, answer my verbal child's plethora of questions and get a bite myself, I'm not intent on getting face-to-face with Cason and signing to him repetitively. 

However, despite my slacking off, he's picked up several signs that he will use with gusto to communicate what's on his little mind. In particular he's fond of eat, drink, all done, down, milk, and please. 

He knows "Daddy" (as demonstrated below) but just prefers to say it. He also knows "more" but insists on pointing to things with his made up word of "NE," which is universal, "I want that. Gimme that. Put that in my hands NOW!"

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