Friday, January 25, 2013

Cason and the Sink

Remember when I said Cason's turning into my little monkey? Well, I jinxed myself. 

I left Cannon on the potty for two seconds and come walking down the hall to hear the water running in the bathroom. That's odd, I thought, Cannon can't reach the handle to turn on the water.

Well, apparently Cason can reach the handle just fine. 

I walked into the bathroom to see this:

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I mean, look at how pleased he his with himself. So many things to discover up here! Soap! A mirror! A faucet! Water! 

Some how the child climbed up that stool (apparently standing on the handle at one point) and managed to get into the sink. It's a wonder he didn't fall and break his head or scald himself with the hot water. 

Be still my heart. The child also gets his fingers stuck in holes. He's going to give us a run for lives.

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