Sunday, January 06, 2013

Cason at 12 Months

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**Cason is our cuddle bug, freely sharing hugs and kisses even with his bear.**


Wow .  One year has gone by pretty fast.  I remember the morning you were born like it was yesterday.  I was the first person to hold you in my hands after you were born, and I placed you on your mother’s chest to cuddle.  I am so happy God gave you to us to be a part of our family.  I am so happy to be your dad.  It is one of the greatest responsibilities of my life.  I love you very much and look forward to seeing who God has made you to be.

Something I noticed about you the day you were born is that you are very strong.  That is still true today, 365 days later.  It is good that God made you stout because Cannon is really pushing you around, and I am not always there to keep him from sitting on you and wrestling with you.  Both of you will keep each other on your toes.

You are also a cuddler.  I am too.  When you were days old, you did a lot of cuddling with Mommy and me. 

Recently you started waking up on the middle of the night crying uncontrollably.  Just the other night, you woke up while I was watching TV, about to get ready for bed.  I came into your room and picked you up, took you out on the couch. We cuddled, watched some TV and you fell asleep on my chest just like you did when you were days old.  We also cuddle when we wrestle on the floor or in my big bed.

Your smile is brilliant and bright.  Your face lights up the room when you smile and your big cheeks and jaw spread wide.  I love seeing you smile and seeing all of your teeth.  I like watching you make faces at the table when you eat and scrunch your nose. 

When you are happy your smile is bright.  When you are upset or uncomfortable, you really do know how to exercise your lungs.  You have a powerful voice.  I hear it when you are upset, hungry or you and your brother are mimicking each other at the table.

I love you, I am so proud of you and I think you are awesome!  I love being your daddy and taking care of you.  I am always available anytime you want to talk, cuddle or wrestle.

Happy Birthday,


My dearest Cason Reed.

How are you already one year old? Tonight you asked for a napkin (just pointing and grunts), wiped your mouth with the napkin, and then returned the napkin to the table. You are doing new things every day and it blows me away.

Tonight I snuggled you extra long after nursing. You would lean back in my arms and grin and then plunge your head forward and bury it in my chest for a snuggle. We did this over and over again. When you were tired of that you tucked your head under my chin and I sang. Every so often you'd look up and plant a big wet open mouth kiss on my cheek and then go back to cuddling. We again repeated this numerous times until you were ready for bed and pointing to your pack and play. My word child, you are the sweetest (unless your hungry or tired, then you're the loudest). Where did you come from? I'm so glad you joined our family 365 days ago. Life would be so quiet without you in it.

You are going to be a handlful of joy as you grow up. I can't wait to see who God created you to be, the personality he's given you, and the interests and talents you'll develop.

Sleep well tonight Son. Happy birthday! All my love always.


**Sometimes, just sometimes, my photoshoots push my children to the brink of insanity.**

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