Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letters to My Boys - February 2013

Because one day I will forget these moments and because one day I want them to know how much I loved these little days with them . . . I've joined a little blog circle with my friends. We're writing notes to our children every month. Because they are important to us. Because these days are fleeting. Because maybe, just maybe, one day I'll laugh at the chaos, the messes, and the memories.

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My Boys,

You are my little adventurers. You are braver together than apart. I love that. And I hope it will bode well for surviving any scrapes and mishaps you may encounter together.

You are at this crazy stage where you both copy each other. Often times your antics spiral into this mess of screeching and giggles until neither of you know what's going on, your only objective is to be louder than your brother.

Life is rough and beautiful right now. How is that possible? I don't really now. All I know is that some days are full of hours of creative play, cuddles over picture books and swinging at the park. Some days flow and life feels right. And then other days are filled with whining, hitting, tug-of-wars, no naps, and lost patience - intense reminders that I don't know what I'm doing as your mom. I pray often for God's grace over my mistakes and for all of us to understand how incredibly great His love is for us.

I love you my munchkins. Please sleep through the night tonight. ;-)


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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