Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Family This Month (February 2013)

The biggest news this month that won't be topped by any daily/weekly/month activities is that Baby Stiller #3 is on the way! We found on February 14th, Valentine's Day. I was exactly four weeks along when we found out. I just knew in my gut, two days before, that I was pregnant. I had a few days in a row of being uncharacteristically exhausted and irritable and just KNEW why. We are thrilled (and overwhelmed, if we're honest) but so excited to have three back-to-back babies filling our home with crazy giggles.

I signed up to be a pick up location for Farm to Fork Foods this month. If you're looking for grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured chicken and eggs, local honey, or wild-caught salmon Farm to Fork is your food co-op. They have some of the freshest, best-quality meat at reasonable prices. And they have pick-up locations all over the DFW metroplex, so no matter where you live you can get meat fairly close by. 

Danny built a shed in the backyard as the first step in cleaning out the garage so I can park the Jeep in there. I'm so excited to not have to run in the rain with two kiddos to get into the car. Other than that it was a low-key month for us.

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