Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Handmade Toys for Boys - Colorful Sorting Toys

Wooden Eggs & Egg Cups

Wooden Peg People & Pots

Wooden Acorns & Sorting Bowls

All of my ideas were pretty much copied step-by-step from Weefolk Art. (See Wooden Eggs & Cups, Color Matching Wooden Pegs & Pots, and Wooden Sorting Bowls and Acorns.)

My steps for making the eggs, egg cups, peg people, pots, acorns and bowls were pretty much all the same as listed on her blog.

I ordered all of the wooden pieces already cut and sanded from Woodworks. (You could also check out Casey's Wood Products.)

I hand-sanded a few rough spots on a few pieces and dremeled the inside of the pots so they would fit the peg people easily. 

I purchased the Soy Paint mentioned in Weefolk Art at Joanns for the brilliant colors, and finished everything off with the Three BEEautiful Bees Beeswax Polish.

And there you have it. Bright, new wood toys for Cason. He likes putting the eggs in the cups, chewing on the peg people, and we haven't gotten out the acorns yet as they are too small to go in his mouth!

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