Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cason at 14 Months


Weight: somewhere about 24 lbs
Height: somewhere about 31"

Clothes: 12-18 months
PJs: 18 months
Shoes: Size 4

(same) 11-12 hours at night, waking once occasionally for a sip of water.

Cason is weaned at night. We missed two nights in a raw and I just didn't offer it again. He'd been pretty antsy nursing at night anyways and would often only nurse on one side, so I suppose it was time.

Cason LOVES waving and yelling "bye bye" at the top of his voice. He will also exclaim "DID IT!" (which sounds more like "didi") and clap his hands when he does anything, big or small.

New signs and words are below in BOLD.

TEN! Finally, the child's first one-year molar (his top left) popped through. Barely a week later his second one (his bottom left) started poking through the gums.

Cason's favorite animal is the elephant. I taught him the sign, and he'll randomly wave his arm up and down like an elephant's trunk and make the sound of an elephant.

He also discovered the moon in the sky and points to it any time he gets out of the car after dark.

Cason LOVES "Patty Cake, Patty Cake," "If you're happy and you know it" and "This is the way the lady rides." His motions look like random waves in the air, but his smile is priceless.

Cason won't eat apples or pears, no matter how I cut them up. He will eat applesauce though, so I'm assuming he must not like the texture.

Cason ran a low-grade fever for a day or two this month (101.1) but it must have been teething as he had no other symptoms.

Cason had his first haircut (and first lollipop) this month! He did great considering we stopped all protests with sugar!

The boy is up to 4-6 unassisted steps this month. He's building confidence day by day.

At the beginning of the month Cason's up to walking 6-8 steps on his own. By the end of the month he could walk across the room all by himself, but most days he chooses to crawl because it's faster.

Cason's Signs:
  1. all done (1/7/13)
  2. more (1/7/13)
  3. eat (1/7/13)
  4. hat (1/7/13)
  5. down (1/14/13)
  6. elephant (2/7/13)
  7. please (2/22/13)
  8. yes (2/22/13)
Cason's Words:
  1. dada
  2. mama
  3. down (da - 1/14/13)
  4. ball (ba - 2/15/13)
  5. bye bye (buh buh - 2/17/13)
  6. dog (da - 2/22/13)
  7. did it (didi - 3/3/13)

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