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Cason at 15 Months

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At his 15 month well-baby visit, Cason checked in at:
Weight: 25 lbs, 4 oz (63%)
Height: 31 1/4" (82%)
(The whole bit about your child's eating slows down after 12 months is totally a myth for Cason. If anything his appetite has INCREASED as indicated by the increasing percentiles that he's now in from our last doctor's appointment.)

Clothes: 12-18 months
PJs: 18 months
Shoes: Size 4

11-12 hours at night. He's actually been sleeping in until about 8 am, which is later than usual, but I LOVE it!

Cason wouldn't nap the last few days in the afternoon after taking a morning nap, so we're skipping it and transitioning him to one nap a day. He'll fall asleep in the car most times if we go anywhere, but other than that he'll take at least an hour nap in the afternoon.

We started putting the boys in the same room at night and they are doing great. Occasionally Cannon wakes Cason up a little earlier than normal, but other than that it's been a smooth transition.

On the same day that Cason started walking, he also weaned. He was down to only morning feedings, but on March 8 he woke up and I forgot to nurse him. He didn't seem to miss it, so we just went with it and didn't look back. :-( 

Cason's absolute favorite word is "BYE!" He will yell it at anyone and everyone that passes, drives by us, or bird that flies away. It's really precious!
New signs and words are below in BOLD.

Cason's 3rd one-year molar (his bottom right) is popping through.

As much as Cannon LOVED birds, Cason LOVES dogs. He will spot one a mile away or from our moving car and yell "DA DA DA" until I acknowledge the dog.

Cason also loves balls and will shout "BA" at any round object. He'll also bring me anything round and proudly show me his new "BA."

Something in his diet isn't agreeing with Cason right now as his eczema has been horrible lately. (See "Health.")

I took a few concerns in with me to the doctor's office for Cason's 15 month appointment, the main one being his eczema, as it has been HORRIBLE this month. At that point I had had Cason off of all wheat and dairy products for almost two weeks, we'd been doing Epsom salt baths followed by coconut oil for lotion and his skin was improving greatly - no more scratching himself to bleeding during naptimes.

I was pretty sure that I had the culprit narrowed down to cow's milk or egg whites, but the doctor offered to do a blood test. One LONG blood draw and many tears later, the results came back that Cason is SLIGHTLY allergic to eggs. At the doctor's recommendation we've had him off all eggs (he can have eggs that are cooked into things like cake - thank goodness - wouldn't want him deprived of sugar *sarcasm*) and his skin is much better. He still has rough spots, but nothing that's red and rash-like or that appears to itch him.

Cason's officially a walker! As of March 8, 2013 (at 14 months, 2 days old) he's walking just as much, if not more, than crawling.

On the same day that Cason started walking, he also weaned. (See "Eating.")

Cason's Signs:
  1. all done (1/7/13)
  2. more (1/7/13)
  3. eat (1/7/13)
  4. hat (1/7/13)
  5. down (1/14/13)
  6. elephant (2/7/13)
  7. please (2/22/13)
  8. yes (2/22/13)
  9. help (3/28/13)
  10. mama (4/1/13)
  11. dada (4/1/13)
  12. please (4/1/13)
  13. airplane (4/6/13)
Cason's Words:
  1. dada
  2. mama
  3. down (da - 1/14/13)
  4. ball (ba - 2/15/13)
  5. bye bye (buh buh - 2/17/13)
  6. dog (da - 2/22/13)
  7. did it (didi - 3/3/13)
  8. papa (4/4/13 - he'll say it unprompted)
  9. nana (4/4/13 - he'll repeat it when asked)
  10. airplane (aaaaaeeeee - 4/6/13)

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