Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cannon at 34 Months

I think he's getting close to 35 lbs these days. And I really need to put him up against the ruler and measure his height because all his pants are too short.

Shirts: 3T
Shorts: 2T & 3T
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 8

Well, his nights were getting shorter and short thanks to potty training. He was waking up earlier and earlier (as early as 5 am) to go the bathroom (which was GREAT!) but then he thought it was time to get up for the day. We tried using a timer on the lamp in his room and telling him to stay in bed until his light came. This worked, but then I couldn't turn his light on and off as I needed to during the day/evening. So, I finally bought this OK to Wake Clock and it's been great! I set it for 7 am, and no matter when he wakes up to go to the bathroom he knows he needs to go back to bed if his light isn't green. 

I can also set the clock for two hours every nap time to insure that he gets enough rest and I  get enough down time! It's awesome. 

Night: 11-12 hours

Nap: 2 hours

I feel like he's getting pickier and pickier in regards to food these days. We always make him take a few bites of everything, but some nights he goes to bed having eating two bites of dinner. He's growing well and eating "most" meals, but he does his best to avoid most veggies and meats. He only really likes carrot sticks, peas and chicken. 

Cannon looked at my and exclaimed, "I'm growing up to be a man. I have hair on my legs." He will also use this as an excuse to do this. When told he couldn't play with a knife on the counter because he wasn't old enough, he responded with, "But Mommy, I have hair on my arms. I am growing up."

Cannon is also conversing with Cason more and more. The other day Cason was crying in impatience for dinner and Cannon starting saying, "It's okay Cason. I'm here. Mommy's cutting up pizza strawberries for you. You don't need to cry. I'm here."

(same) 20 teeth

I didn't record any new "likes" this month. 

I'm not sure how to categorize this, but I thought I should record that I feel like Cannon's going through a socially awkward period. He's been pushing, and even hitting kids, at the play ground and mall playplace. He does it almost in jest, while laughing, but to get his way. For example, kids weren't going down the slide fast enough, so he would just push them down and then slide himself. If a child is in his way, instead of waiting patiently, he'll just shove them over. So, we're using this as lots of opportunities to grow and learn about being kind and considerate, patient and gentle!

Cannon's health has been great this week. He's had a very mild running nose, but that might just be slight allergies.

Well, I feel like we've officially entered the "terrible twos." I hate to call them that since I simultaneously love and hate this age. Cannon is so verbal and interactive that it makes our days so much more fun. But he's also testing out the obstinate waters. He will adamantly say "NO!" to me and his level obedience has dropped drastically from just a few weeks ago.

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