Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cannon's 3rd Birthday Party

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I'm trying to be careful (and strategic) in how we do birthday parties. Because reality is, soon we'll have three children, and I feel like whatever we do for Cannon we need to do for the others. So, we've been keeping it small and simple, adhering to the philosophy that Cannon can invite as many friends as he is old. He gets to enjoy his friends and Danny and I are not bulldozed by a dozen toddlers! 
We had a simple sand and swim party in the backyard to utilize the new sandbox and water table. Cannon also received several water guns so by the end it was an all out water fight. We grilled burgers, dripped ice cream sandwiches everywhere and enjoyed the company of friends.
Poor Cason Boy got the short end of the stick when it came to the water games, but I have a feeling that by next summer he'll be making up for all the torture and retaliation will be in full force. 
Cannon and Titus were forces to be reckoned with welding their water guns. No guest was safe from their aim.
By the end of the evening, when I saw this face, I knew we had hit third birthday party success. 

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