Monday, July 29, 2013

I'll read to you, Cason!

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I'm going to have to start taking more photos of my boys at odds, lest you think that they are full of sweetness all the time based on the posts I've had going up lately! 

Cannon is entering a very "helpful" stage. He LOVES to hear that he's our helper, that he did something useful and that he's a big boy and can do it himself. So, lately, when Cason's been asking for help (which comes out sounding more like "HAM!") Cannon has been quick to answer the call. 

This is very useful when Cason can't reach something, needs help stacking blocks, or is trying to do a task that is just too hard. It's comical when Cason wants someone to lift him into the swing, catch him at the end of the slide, or boost him into his high chair. (Yes, Cannon comes running and attempts to lift his brother, who's only five lbs smaller.) It's sweetness to the max when Cason wants someone to read a book to him. 

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