Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 31

There is no news on the baby bump this week. 

The big brothers are gearing up and ready to meet this baby. Cannon asks at least every other day if "the baby is coming out today?" 

Cason will voluntarily give the baby hugs and kisses, and when we're pretend playing in the kitchen the baby ALWAYS gets a bite after Mommy, complete with lip smacking from Cason. Cason was also very interested in the baby when we were going over body parts. I'd ask him where his ears were, then we'd point to Mommy's ears, and then out of the blue he started saying, "Baby? Ears?" And so we went through all of the baby's little features and I assured Cason that the baby would have all of those. I'm still not sure he fully understands that there's a real baby in my belly but it's fun nonetheless.

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