Saturday, August 03, 2013

Bathtime Babe

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Oh dear boy,
I don't think I could ever tire of your antics. You discover life (peekaboo with the towel in this instance) and it delights you. We smile because you smile, and then you realize you're making us smile so you do it all the more. You love it when we're all laughing, tickling, chasing, and wrestling. Sometimes you can be quite the instigator, and I think one day you will love a good party. 

Some days these moments are hard, tiring, mundane and dull. I just want to bathe you and get you to bed so I can sit down for a second and catch my breath. Other days I sit back and realize that these moments are what my life is for. My life isn't the blog post I'll write after you go to bed, the book I'll read or the way the house will look when I've finally picked up those darn toys. God gave you to us so that I could splash the bath water with you, laugh as you dry off and sing endless songs before bedtime. One day I won't miss the craft I did or didn't finish on a week night, but I will miss those big brown eyes peeking out at my from that towel.

Here's to many more slow moments full of smiles, Cason. 

I love you!

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