Monday, August 05, 2013

Front Yard Fun

This summer has been more fun in that both boys are old enough to participate in and enjoy the same activities. From splashpads and the pool, to parks and playgrounds, to library story hour and picture books. They are at a fun (albeit exhausting) age. 

One of the rhythms that we've fallen into this summer is that Daddy takes the boys out side to play when he gets home from work. This allows me to get dinner ready, edit photos, fold laundry or just breathe for a minute and it let's the boys burn off the last of their energy before dinner, baths and bed time. 

We've made friends with the little neighborhood boy and he's over almost daily playing with everyone in the front yard. Usually their activities include bike riding or baseball, but some summer days are just too hot and warrant a little water to cool off. Thanks to extra pvc pipe in the garage, Danny was able to create what Cannon calls the "car wash." 

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This is Cason ready to go for a bike ride. Apparently he was done playing in the water and his attempts at picking up the bike were not getting him very far.

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