Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cason's First Big Boo Boo

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For every cautious bone in Cannon's body, Cason has a daring one. He had more scrapes and bruises on his little knees by his first birthday than Cannon has had in his entire life. The child trips over the floor. And then he immediately wants to cuddle and sing "Jesus Loves Me" to make it all feel better. 

Well, one of his "trips" landed his chin squarely on the fireplace and resulted in the first "do I need to take him to the ER" worry. His chin was scraped up pretty good, but it appeared that he also bit through his little tongue. Since the "bite" was more in the middle and not off the edge (meaning his tongue wasn't hanging in two pieces) we thought we'd give it a day and see how it looked in the morning. 

Other than a day of complaining about his tongue when he ate, Cason was a trooper with his injuries. As you can see in the photos, he proudly shows his wounds to anyone and everyone, pointing and loudly declaring "BOO BOOOOOO!"

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