Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet, Snuggly Cason

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Sweet, Snuggly Cason -

You are are slow-to-wake child. Every afternoon you call to me from your crib with a precious little "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." The minute I open the door you grab your stuffed animals and reach up your arms for me to pick you up. The minute you're in my arms you rest your head on my shoulder and request "Bible," which is your word for "Jesus Loves Me." 

We sit in the rocker in the nursery cuddling and singing, sometimes for a solid 10 minutes before you sit up and point to the hallway and ask for "Nin nin and Daddy" (translation: Cannon and Daddy).  I look forward to our afternoon snuggles every day, for I know pretty soon you won't request them and there will also be another "baby" vying for my arms every day. 

I hope you want to snuggle for years to come. If you're anything like you're Daddy, which I think you are, you'll love to snuggle for decades to come. But for now I'm treasuring the days that you fit on my lap and can rest your head on my shoulder. 

Sweet dreams sweet boy. And when you wake up we'll sing "Bible" for as long as you want.


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