Sunday, October 06, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 38

Hello Fall! Hello leggings! Leggings and tunics are my new favorite pregnancy outfit - no stiff jeans, no awkward belly bands that don't stay up. Just soft cotton that I could live and sleep in all the time!

October is here and with it pretty much the "end" of my to-do list. Freezer meals have been swapped, baby items washed, nursery set up and lots of Christmas presents even purchased. This was our first unscheduled week just waiting for the baby enjoying life with two boys. I savored long, unplanned days and the boys and I made lots of trips to the park to play, feed the ducks and walk.

This is the week we thought you were coming. Friday morning I woke up after a horribly restless night with quite a few strong contractions. I felt sick, achy and crampy. I was having braxton hicks upon braxton hicks contractions and wave upon wave of this strange urge to throw up/pee/poop all at the same time. Danny stayed home from work and my Mom helped watch the boys. I rested . . . alot. I didn't eat much all day as any bites I took felt like they were going to come right back up. 

We sent the boys to Nana & Papa's for the night because we thought for sure I would go into labor in the middle of the night. We picked up Pei Wei for dinner and The Great Gatsby from the Redbox. Our labor team (photography/doula/midwife) were on high alert. 

From 3:00 am to 4:30 am I timed contractions (mild, but way more than Braxton Hicks) every 9-10 minutes. But by 4:30 am they were petering out and I feel asleep watching TV on the ipad. 

Saturday morning we picked the boys up from my parents and went for a ridiculously long walk at Bob Woodruff Park. I contracted the entire way to the point of needing to sit down and concentrate on breathing. Danny cancelled work at valet and we enjoyed a family day shopping at Trader Joes and eating lunch at Chic-fil-a. 

We're just waiting and wondering when you'll make your big entrance. 

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