Friday, October 18, 2013

{Becoming Mother II} - My Favorite Birth Stories

Well, I honestly thought that by the time this birth story series wrapped up I'd be holding a newborn and I'd have a BRAND NEW birth photo to show you.

As of the evening of Thursday, October 17 my baby is still tucked away safely in my belly and for the first time EVER, in the history of my three pregnancies, someone asked me today if I'm having a twins.

Baby - that is your cue that it's time to come OUT! When people think you're TWO babies, you're big enough. ;-)

I am so grateful that these precious friends and mamas shared their beautiful birth stories with us. If you missed any of the birth stories in the {Becoming Mother} series, you can find them all listed below. I've also tried to link up to each mama's blog/Facebook in case you'd like to contact them with questions. I know they'd love to encourage you if you are pregnant/expecting and have questions about childbirth.

And, in case you're itching for more childbirth reading material, let me recommend a few of my favorite stories from around the blogosphere. If you'd like a book to hold in your hands, I always HIGHLY recommend Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth as well. It's chock full of beautiful stories and I couldn't put it down when I was pregnant with Cannon!

Just a few of my favorite birth stories:

  • Ceci Jane Birth Videos - Ceci Jane is a local birth videographer and her videos are astounding! I cry through every single one.
  • Lauren Clark's Home Birth Story - Lauren Clark is a fabulous photographer in Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas and shares her journey to a home birth with her second son.
  • The Birth of Arlo Redding - I have mentioned before my love for the Dear Baby Blog as it chronicles the life of two young parents and their back-to-back babies. This birth center story is beautiful and poignant and captures all the things I love about this blog.
  • Jane - the Story of Your Birth - yet another photographer I follow and admire. The birth of her daughter (unmedicated in a hospital) is wonderful written. You'll hang on every word.
  • The Birth of Bliss - This is a home birth story written by a daddy. Does it get any more beautiful than that? "Love was birthed with a roar . . ." You'll want to read to the very end.

{Becoming Mother II}:
{Becoming Mother}:

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