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Cannon at 39 Months (3 years 3 months)

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**So here is the scoop. I can't stop recording the cute - and not so cute - things my kiddos do in Google Calendar. But I also can't keep up with three childrens' monthly photos. So, I'm weaning myself off gradually. Cannon will get quarterly photos/updates for a little while and then maybe I'll move to bi-annual updates. This is his first quarterly update.**

Weight: ~35 lbs
Height: ~39 inches

Shirts: 3T & 4T
Shorts: 2T & 3T
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 9

Cannon wants to wear pjs all day long and protests any clothes other than his red dinosaur shirt from the Perot or his red baseball shirt from Gymboree.

Night: 11-12 hours
Nap: 2 hours

Cannon eats breakfast and lunch fairly well but hardly ever touches dinner. Our breakfast and lunches don't vary very often (We pretty much stick to oatmeal or eggs for breakfast and turkey/cheese/fruit/nuts for lunch), so I'm not sure if he doesn't like the variety in our dinners or if he just detests vegetables and meat.

Cannon has been saying "When I was your age Mommy, I did (this) and (this)." Insert any number of activities into those parentheses. I can't even recall using that phrase around him, but it's hilarious to hear him say it to me.

Cannon saw an empty Twizzler package on my desk and said, "Oh did you finish all of your snack? Well, I need to go back to that store and get you some more of these then!" (How sweet is that little guy!)

Cannon uses the phrase, "I have an idea" all the time and will even tell me, "That's a good idea, Mom!"

Cason was cranky in the car seat and Cannon tried to comfort him by saying, "Don't cry. We're going to Costco . . . to eat a hot dog!" Apparently those are the highlight of our grocery shopping trips.

Cannon has started singing songs with us. Jesus Loves the Little Children, Old MacDonald, etc. He sings more and more and can carry a tune pretty well.

(same) 20 teeth

Shortly after his third birthday in July, Cannon had his first dentist appointment with Dr. Jodi Tenney at Texas Pediatric Dentistry. He did great, had no cavities and enjoyed picking out a toy afterwards. 

Cannon likes to try to "help" Cason. It's the sweetest thing. He'll hear Cason say "HEP!" and run to him saying "I'll help you Cason." Poor kid doesn't know he can't lift his brother into the swing.

Cannon's current favorite shows are Mighty Machines and Handy Manny.

Not sure how to categorize this, but I found it amusing: Cannon recognizes Chick-fil-a, Costco, Starbucks, Target and Cabelas from a mile away. Shows you where we shop regularly, doesn't it!

Cannon likes to pretend he's superman, or a cowboy, or a firefighter and I have to address him as such. Mom, say, "Superman come pick up your toys!"

Cannon loves to say "Gig 'em Aggies" and give a thumbs up! We're starting them young folks!

I didn't record any "dislikes" this quarter. 

Cannon ran a fever (100 degrees - temporal) and fell asleep on the couch watching Mighty Machines in the morning. It turned into nothing, but a week later he ran another fever and then threw up twice. I think he had a mild stomach bug, and I also think that some essential oils helped end the virus quickly.

Cannon had his hearing test with Dr. Amy Coffee at Children's Medical Center Frisco. He passed just fine and she didn't know why he would have failed his hearing screening at his two-year and three-year check ups. Cannon did great listening to the technician through headphones and put little foam blocks into a bucket every time he heard a sound or she told him to.

I took Cannon to his first movie in a movie theater. We saw "Oceans" and Cannon still talks about whales and dolphins that live in the ocean "like what we saw in the movie theater!"

Cannon's curls got cut off . . . indadvertedly.  He got a botched hair cut at Great Clips (a weird chili bowl cut) and so I took him to see James at Plano Barbers the next day and he simply gave him a nice, normal little boys haircut. It was sad to see the curls go, especially since I wasn't prepared for them to be gone, but Cannon's cute no matter what. Some people say he looks older with the haircut and other say he looks younger. I'm just hoping the curls come back!

Cannon is starting to interact with other kids on his own. He saw a boy in the hallway at MOPs and said, "Bye bye Conner!" I didn't even know the child, so it was encouraging to see him greet the child. He sometimes very sweet other kids and at other times very rough.

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