Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Family This Month (October 2013)

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What is there to say about October 2013 other than COLT SHEPHERD was born! 

We spent the month waiting for him. He was by far the biggest and most exciting event for our family, probably not just this month but this year!

The boys and I didn't go on too many play dates/meet ups this month because I was so huge and tired. We mainly went to the park where I would walk and walk and walk and walk trying to coax Colt to come and join the outside world. The week before Colt was born we literally thought he was coming every night. Every night before bed I would shower and repack the birthing center bags convinced I'd go into labor in the middle of THAT night. After seven days of doing this I finally gave up, took my 40 week baby belly photo and resigned myself to the fact that this would be our "overdue" baby. 

No sooner had I come to peace with the fact that Colt would not be early than, boom, out he came on Tuesday, October 22, his great-grandfather's birthday. 

And just like that life slowed down. I enjoyed several days of bed rest snuggling my newborn while grandparents watched Cannon and Cason, Danny helped out with the house, and the world rushed on without us. I LOVE those first few days after giving birth (other than your body feeling like it's been turned inside out). There is nothing like sleeping with a new baby on your chest. 

That was our October. Forever life altering. 

For those of you who have asked how it is having three kids, let me just show you. We literally got ONE good family photo (as seen above) and then rest looked something like these: 

Cason just had to eat candy . . . IMMEDIATELY. Danny thought this would be an opportune time to give Cannon some duck calling lessons. Colt lay smooshed, helpless in the middle of the chaos. And that's about how every day goes.

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