Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big, Middle & Little

I wanted to create an updated "brothers" photo with the boys all in their "big brother" and "little brother" shirts. The big boys LOVE cuddling Colt, but I'm pretty sure, based on his protests, that Colt fears for his life. As he rightly should. 

Really, I look at these photos and I'm somewhat speechless. My stair-step boys. They look so little. One day they will all the same size. Probably taller than me and much less willing to pile on a bed for photos. 

One of the moms in my MOPs group said that one day, when life is full of bigger, more important issues she's pretty sure she'll miss these days of potty training, spankings and runny noses. When I look at these photos I'm pretty sure she's right. 
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