Sunday, November 03, 2013

Letters to Cason - The One Where You Were Made to Be A Big Brother

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Dear Sweet Cason,
This is how you look at your baby brother ALL. THE. TIME. It melts my emotional, mama heart. You wake up running around the house calling for Baby Colt. It sounds like Bebe Dolt, but we don't care it's adorable. You want to make sure he has his paci, that he's okay and that he has a blanket or stuffed animal or some sort of lovie nearby.

I was worried how you would transition from being the baby to being the middle brother and you've showed me that you were made for the big brother role. You were never meant to be our baby. Your nurturing heart needed a little guy to come along so ya'll could have a special bond, a unique relationship. 

You choose Colt over playing with toys many times throughout the day. You're content just looking at him, bouncing him and showing him your favorite things! "Green man Colt! Green man!"

I pray that your bond of brotherhood grows strong and deep throughout the years. I hope ya'll learn to protect and stand up for one another - that no one will mess with a Stiller brother because they'll have all three of you to deal with if they do. I can't wait to see the adventures on which you drag and include Colt. I pray you have the patience to wait up for him when he's not as fast as you, and the compassion to be by his side when he's forging into new things. 

Love deep and serve selflessly sweet boy and know that one day your brothers can be your very best of friends.

- Mama

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