Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Birthdays!

This guy was caught red handed snitching berries out of the bowl at the Reeder family birthday dinner. Between Danny's family and my family we have four November birthdays, so that usually calls for some sort of family celebration in the middle of the month.
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Can you spot Sneaky McSneakerson eyeing the food? Where there is food and eating there is Cason.
Cason LOVES Uncle Matt and Aunt Mandy, he just likes to pretend he doesn't for photos.
There's always lots of lounging and watching of football.
The uncles must play the obligatory roll of torture the nephew, which is always disguised as "wrestling/tickling."
It's a Stiller baby rite of passage to be rocked to sleep by Nana in the 30+ year old rocking chair.
There was playing with Uncle Matt's power tools birthday presents.
Chopstick lessons were given by the Japanese expert.
And there was just good old fashioned family time in the living room I grew up in.

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