Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby Buddies

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My friend Ryley and have logged more hours running together (and with Susan) than I can count. Her son is one of Cannon's best friends and they LOVE playing ninja turtles together. So it was only fitting that we also logged 8.5 months last year being pregnant at the same time. Our due dates were a mere three weeks apart. We waddled through the summer heat and survive many a Friday nights with pizza and backyard toys while our husbands worked their part time valet jobs. 

These boys were born a mere 11 days apart. They were both 9+ pounds and are currently racing through all the little baby clothes we had stored away. They are literally little baby buddies and I'm excited to watch them grow into good friends donning ninja turtle masks and wielding bow staffs and swords just like their big brothers. 

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