Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brothers Three

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Oh these two. The little brothers. Cason loves Colt. He loves being near Colt. He loves it when Colt flails his arms and "touches" him. He loves checking up on Colt and making sure Colt has a pacifier. I have a feeling they are going to be two peas in a pod as they grow up. 
And then there's this boy, who somehow has lost his blonde and his curls somewhere between the fall and the spring. He studies this little insert from his TMNT package endlessly. He's memorized all of the ninja turtles, their enemies and every accessory you can buy. His favorite it Donatello. I've been dubbed Raphael, Cason is Michelangelo, Danny is Leonardo and Colt is Baby Leonardo. We are the turtle family and together we beat all the bad guys.

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