Friday, December 06, 2013

Cason at 23 Months

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Weight: ~30 lbs
Height: ~34 inches

Clothes: 18-24 months shorts & shirts
PJs: 24 month & 2T pajamas
Shoes: Size 7 & 7.5

11-12 hours at night (in his big boy bed)
2-3 hours at nap time (in his crib)

Cason is still a great eater and will most anything. 

Talks and babbles all the time! Still putting two words together to make little sentences.

18 teeth!

Cason loves playing "Peekaboo Barn on the iPad. He calls it "farm." If I put it on the Spanish setting he'll even repeat the names of the animals in Spanish.

Colt is Cason's favorite person EVER! His new greeting for Colt is to cup Colt's cheeks in his chubby toddler hands and say, "Hi baby! Hi baby! Hi baby."

Cason has had random nights where he's had trouble going to bed. He wants me to lay with him, he cries alot and he won't stay in bed.

Cason was in good health this month.

Well, I got the first "are Cannon and Cason twins?" question, but I'm sure it won't be the last time someone asks that as Cason is quickly closing the gap in their size.

At almost 23 months we turned Cason's carseat around forward facing. We were on a long drive and wanted to play a dvd in the car for the first time. 

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