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Cannon at 42 Months (3 years, 6 months)

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Another quarterly update on Cannon at 3 1/2 years!

Look at that boy. My first born. My baby. Those are they eyes that stared at me on July 8, 2010 at Plano Presbyterian Hospital the moment I became a mother. This boy challenges me, pushes my buttons and melts my heart all at the same time. I love that crazy kid.

Weight: 37 lbs (We weighed him at the doctors when he was sick)
Height: 40 inches (He's grown two inches since his third birthday six months ago.)

Cannon has been growing like a week. He has pretty much outgrown all of his 3T shirts/shorts/pants that I bought him in the fall.

He has gotten a little bit better about getting dressed in the morning, although he would much prefer to stay in his pjs forever.

Shirts: 4T
Shorts/Pants: 4T
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 9 & 10

Night: 11-12 hours
Nap: 2-3 hours 
Cannon must have had a growth spurt this quarter because there were weeks where he was napping for three hours in the afternoon.

We also realized that Cannon doesn't really distinguish between nap times and night time. Every day is two days to him. He will often ask, as I lay him down for his nap, if we're going anywhere tomorrow or if Daddy has to go work tomorrow. So it then makes sense why he ALWAYS asks to put his pajamas on at nap time - he thinks I'm making go to bed in his clothes!

He's still as picky as ever when it comes to meals. I'm at a loss as to what to do other than continue to offer him healthy food, very limited snacks and not make him anything special when he says he doesn't like dinner. Any other tips/suggestions for getting a boy to eat his dinner are welcome!

Cannon can often understand Cason's toddler-speak better than Danny or I and will often interpret and interject when we've said "What?" too many times in a row to Cason's statements/questions.

Cannon has started saying, "Well, I didn't know that." when he's been corrected or instructed.

Cannon hid in the pantry and jumped out yelling, "I'm a sarcophagus!" multiple times. It took me several listens to figure out what he was saying before I realized he was mimicing their play with the Egyptian Playmobil set at Nana's house. The child is going to have a larger vocabulary than me soon.

(same) 20 teeth

Cannon LOVES riding his scooter. I've started running a little bit with the boys around Bob Woodruff Lake while Cannon pushes his scooter next to us. One day he went around the lake twice (1.5 miles) and the next day he made it around three times (2.25 miles - roughly)! I was so impressed. We've attempted that route since then and he's gotten tired and not made it that far, but that's okay. That's quite the distance for his little legs.

Some of Cannon's favorite Christmas songs the he will sing with gusto and request include, "Little Drummer Boy," "Away in a Manger," "Joy to the World," and "Angels We Have Heard on High."

We are in the throes of the terrible threes. I'm not sure if it's the new baby or if he's just fully three years old - or both - but Cannon is growing in independence and opinion. We are also learning how to interact with friends (and brothers) without hitting/pushing/snatching toys. It's exhausting for Mommy, but I try to remind myself that he will learn and grow and this phase won't last forever. One week at BSF his teacher said they had to "redirect" him several times when he got rough. 

Just before New Years Cannon came down with a low grade fever. He felt bad and laid on the couch very lethargic and tired. On the fourth day of fever I took him to the doctor. He had a double ear infection and appeared to have the flu (reddish eyes, pale and sad looking), but we didn't have him tested. Pour thing. The doctor prescribed Cefdinir and within a few days he was back to normal.

Cannon became a big brother for a second time when Colt was born on October 22nd. He LOVE, LOVE, LOVES Colt. I will walk into the room to find him laying on the activity mat with Colt just talking away. He is quick to share Blue Bunny (sometimes other stuffed animals) when Colt is crying and loves to put the paci in Colt's mouth.

Imaginative play is really taking off this quarter. He loves making stuffed animals or little PlayMobile people talk to each other and us. He received quite a bit of Ninja Turtle and Action Hero (Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain American and Ironman) figures and toys for Christmas and we pretend to fight the bad guys daily!

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