Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cason's 2nd Birthday Party

All family descended upon the house for Cason's second birthday bash. We had a chili bar with veggie black bean chili in the crockpot and all the toppings ready to customize your chili. We also had a hot cocoa bar with white chocolate and hot chocolate and so many fun toppings. It sounded like the perfect little winter party food, until we woke up and realized it was going to be in the upper sixties that day. 

Cason received a trampoline from Uncle Chris and Mykie. The boys little sat on the stoop the entire time all the men set it up. And while Cannon wasn't quite sure what to do on the trampoline, Cason jumped like he was born jumping. It was the perfect gift for him.

We ended the party with a chocolate raspberry bundt cake and of course Cason gobbled it up. 

Happy Birthday Cason. We LOVE celebrating you every day, but especially every January 6. 

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