Thursday, January 23, 2014

Convention of the Cleaning Super Heroes

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Cannon's current obsession is action heroes. He knows nothing about them other than their names and that they can fly and swing from tall buildings. We have not watched any of the movies or read any of the comic books and yet he love pretending with them all.

Ya'll, some days I feel like the worst "boy mama." I get so tired of playing Ninja Turtles and action heros. Can we just sit quiet and color for a minute?

Cannon asked me the other day, "What does this button on Iron Man's chest do?" Well, instead of telling him "I don't know," I decided we'd just make stuff up. Do not laugh at me, but I simply said the first thing that came to my mind, "When you press that button all the laundry magically folds itself!" 

I kid you not, we played super heros for thirty minutes and all those super heros did was rescue people from having to do the dishes, vacuum their floors and clean the toilets. Super heros and the power to CLEAN!  And every other mama readying this said "Amen!"

Cannon, this is my public apology for turning your action heroes into Merry Maids. I'm sure all your uncles are simultaneously running over here right now to fix all the super heros damage I've caused. Hopefully it's not too irreversible. 

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