Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letters to Cannon: The One in which you are the biggest brother

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Dear Cannon, 
It's been a while since I wrote to you. You've become a big brother all over again, and I do say that it's different this time around. You are coming into your own as a big brother. You are more protective, more thoughtful, and more attentive this time around. Of course, let's give your 18-month-old self a break. You were a little bit young to worry about anything other than learning to walk when you became a big brother the first time. It's okay, we're all learning how these family relationships go.

Most people say that Colt looks alot like you. How fun is that? That a compliment to Colt because you, Cannon, were a pretty darn cute baby. We often wonder if he'll have blonde curls like you. You can look at Colt and see what you looked like three years ago, and Colt can look at you and see what he'll look like one day. 

I tell you often what a great privilege your brothers are. "You have built in friends. You don't have go the park, a play date or anyone's house to find a friend to play with you. Your friends are right here - all the time! How AWESOME is that?!" And then you look at me like I've grown antlers. I'm not sure you believe me yet that your brothers can be your best friends and your closest buddies, but I hope you'll walk into that revelation one day.

Your Uncle Matt and Uncle Joey do all kinds of fun things together: road trips, dinners, hunting and guys' nights. Sometimes when I hear of their adventures I flash forward 20 years and imagine you coordinating escapades with Cason and Colt. Here's to the three of you being lifelong buddies, across the miles, over the years and through the ups and downs of life. 

I love you, my Three Muskateers. 

- Mama

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