Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lunchtime Antics

Let me give you a peek into our lunch time and my boys' personalities. It's amazing how a simple 10 minute meal can speak volumes.

This is Cason. Ever the life of the party, the goofball, the giggler, and the EATER. If it's food he will consume it. He's really not picky. It could have been stuck in his carseat for three weeks, but he doesn't discriminate. Fresh or stale, all cheerios are equal in his mind. 
This is Cannon. Ever thinking, ever cautious, ever dreaming, ever reading books and dreaming about ninja turtles and super heros. He has a very refined palate that prefers wine, bread and cheese (AKA: grapes, string cheese and goldfish). And kombucha. The kid likes kombucha. 
Our lunch time looks something like this: Cason cannot eat fast enough.
Cannon thinks it over, weighing the cost of eating three bites versus a time out in his bed. 
Cason does his best to convince Cannon that Mom's food really is not only edible but usually pretty tasty. 
Cannon, unconvinced, picks apart the three smallest bites he can find and then runs off to play surviving on fumes and fermented tea. 
And in case you were worried that I forgot about my third son, well, he's typically doing this during all of the lunchtime commotion.

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