Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just another day

This is a random photo dump from one of our spring days. 

Colt has been joining us at the table for meals, practicing sitting in his booster seat in preparation for eating his own food one day soon. He LOVES his new vantage point and that he has two brothers ready to pick up every single toy he drops on the floor.
This is the daily scene in our house. I put Colt in the bouncer on the counter/table to keep him safe from smothering big brothers. Well, Cason is not to be deterred in showering Colt with affection. His determination combined with his fearless ability to scale any height finds him on top of my counter/table more days than naught. And yes, Colt was lovingly smooshed in the photo below. I swooped in to intervene instantly. It really is a wonder subsequent children survive in any family. 
One last photo from our day: This is Cason's face when he realizes he's been caught drinking from the faucet yet again. 
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