Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Family This Month (March 2014)

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**A side note about these family photos. I'm trying to set the time on the camera to capture a few glimpses into our every day life - with me IN the photos! This was a Sunday after church and naptime, just waking up slowly on the couch, half changed out of our Sunday clothes, half still groggy from sleep and watching Nascar or some extreme sport picked out by Danny on the TV.**

In March I celebrated little milestones for the boys. Cannon didn't cry going into his BSF class (he'd been protesting his class for weeks) and Colt went to both the MOPs and church nursery for the first time this month. It was a little bittersweet not to have a baby to snuggle during service, but at almost five months he was getting alert, restless and noisy, so it was time.

As always, the boys and my schedule was comprised of a few doctors' visits, a few meetups and tons of play dates at the park. The weather is slowly starting to warm up and we are venturing outside more and more.

Danny upped his hours at the Crossfit gym this month in order to finish his internship quicker. He's now up their observing/learning/coaching/working out Monday and Wednesday morning AND evening. It makes for long days for us, but it's temporary. Plus he enjoys it and gets to exercise, so bonus!

I feel like I say this every month, but it's our reality: life is simple for us right now. Most days I appreciate that, some days I complain, but those are usually the days I'm complaining about everything. I have a feeling these are the days I'll look back on as "The Good Old Days" when the worst thing I had to worry about was a poopy diaper and how to keep Cason from popping out of his bed one more time.

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