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Cannon at 45 Months (3 years, 9 months)

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Here we are at 3 and 3/4 years old. Time is flying Cannon. Please stay little for Mama for just a minute more.

Weight: ~37 lbs
Height: ~40 inches

Well, it was time to get Cannon new clothes for spring and summer. Pretty much everything he has is getting too small and his belly button hangs out of all his shirts from last summer. So, into Cason's draw below they go!

Shirts: 5T
Shorts/Pants: 4T
Pajamas: 5T/5
Shoes: Size 10

Night: 10-11 hours
Nap: 2 hours 

Cannon will still nap for AT LEAST an hour and a half every afternoon. Usually he sleeps for at solid two hours, so I'm very, very hesitant to take away his nap. It gives us a both a nice rest in the middle of the day. However, he's been waking up earlier and earlier. He goes back to his room until his light comes on, but I can just tell he's ready to wake up for the day. On days that he has a shorter nap (or misses altogether, which is rare), he sleeps in until 7:30 am. So begins the debate, would I rather he nap in the afternoon or sleep later in the morning? Mommy problems I tell you!

I think Cannon had his first dream. He woke up from his nap asking where Daddy was. "He's still at work," I said. "But I saw him!" Cannon replied and proceeded to look throughout the whole house for Danny.

Loves breakfast and lunch. Despises anything green and most dinner foods (which includes most meat and veggies). 

This kid says the craziest things!
Cannon looked at a broiled drumstick on his plate and said, "Will you take the bark off of this for me?"

Cannon was talking about getting a ninja turtle from Target and said, "We need to go right now so we can cover it up (IE: wrap in wrapping paper) and save it for me to open on my birthday!"

Danny told Cannon to do some arm circles with him in order to warm up before working out. Cannon replied, "Why don't we just stand by the fire?"

(same) 20 teeth

Cannon currently loves all things relating to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His favorite is Donatello because he has a purple mask which is one of Cannon's favorite colors (his other is blue).

His new favorite TV show is Dinosaur Train (although Caillou still holds a special place in his heart).

Cannon's favorite books are "The Gruffalo" and "Three Billy Goats Gruff."

Cannon is so loving towards Colt. He will lay with him on the floor just talking and cuddling Blue Bunny. He brings Colt toys, shares Blaze (a stuffed horse) and searches for the pacifier if Colt is crying.

Cannon cried and I got called out of BSF today. He said he just wanted Mommy. I think we've just been running around too much and some time at home would be good. (This was the start of almost two months of Cannon crying every time we dropped him off anywhere - Sunday School, MOPs, BSF, etc. Almost two months later he went into BSF for the first time without crying.) At Sunday School once Cannon was screaming and crying so much that the male teacher just gently picked him up because he wouldn't let go of the stroller. He was happy and asked if he could come back when I picked him up, so we must just be going through some separation anxiety.

Cannon does not like haircuts and is almost in tears getting into the chair at the barber. James is great with him though and a cookie afterwards made all things better.

Cannon had his second dentist appointment - everything looked great!

Pink eye went around our house and despite my best efforts to wash sheets, Cannon got it TWICE in two weeks!

Cannon knows all the uppercase letters and sounds they make (Thank you LeapFrog)!

Cannon spells his name great for his MOPs teachers.

I feel like Cannon has been mellowing out. He and Cason still fight but he will say "I'm sorry" without prompting and will even share and take turns without prompting.

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