Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cason at 27 Months

Weight: ~32 lbs
Height: ~35 1/2"

Clothes: He's in ALL 2T clothing now.
PJs: 2T pajamas
Shoes: Size 8

11-12 hours at night (in his big boy bed)
2-3 hours at nap time (in his crib)

Cason has been having a hard time staying in bed at night time. We sing songs, rock, tuck in, go potty and he still pops out SO MANY times. We've ever tried spankings and he's not deterred. 

Cason is still a great eater and will most anything. 

Cason saw a picture of Billy Graham on a book cover and looked at me and asked: "Papa? Papa Joe?" haha!

When asked who his best friend was Cason replied: "Papa Bill! And Colt!"

20 teeth

(nothing new)

(nothing new)

Cason woke up at 3 am and had thrown up in his bed. We did essential oils and kombucha and seem to have ousted the flu from our house. Cason didn't get sick again.

This is somewhat of an anti-mileston, but I wanted to share to encourage other potty training mommy's, because things don't always go as planned and definitely don't always happen in "three days." After two months, we finally put Cason back in night time diapers because we were tired of changing sheets. 

And Cason would like to show you his muscles.

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